Portable toilets have many different uses, but one that stands out is for your commercial job site. Nearly every building site has portable toilets on it so that workers on the site have a place to go before the indoor plumbing is installed in the building. There are some things to consider before ordering a toilet for your job site or location.

Toilets Quantities

It can be challenging to determine just how many portable toilets you need on your job site, but there are some guidelines that many portable toilet rental companies use that may help. The rule of thumb is to place enough toilets so that the tank does not fill up before the weekly service call time. 

In general, portable toilets can handle ten workers per unit in a forty-hour workweek. So if you have a crew of twenty, it is a good idea to put two portable toilets on the site, and if they work more than forty hours a week, you might want to add an additional unit to ensure that there is enough coverage for the crew working the job.

For every ten additional workers, add additional portable toilets using the one-to-ten ratio, and you should have all the coverage you need. The alternative is to have fewer toilets but service them more often, but that can mean people are waiting to use them because there are not enough for everyone on the site.

Most companies will service your portable toilets once a week, and then charge a fee for additional service calls within the standard service window.

Portable Toilet Placement

You need to consider the placement of the portable toilets you are ordering before they arrive. The ground needs to be level and should be in an area that stays dry during rain and other weather events. If you are going to leave the portable toilets in one spot the entire time they are on-site, you may want to put a gravel pad down and have the units placed on it so that water drains away from the toilets.

The portable toilets' location needs to be accessible for the delivery and pickup of the units, and the service truck must be able to access them as well. If the driver can not service them because of an access issue, it will not be long before they need removal because they will not be useable. 

If you would like to have the portable toilets moved to a different location on the site, most companies will do that for you once, but after that, they will more than likely charge you a fee for moving them.