If the double-handled faucets in your bathroom sink leak, you want to take care of it as soon as possible. Your dripping or leaking faucets can lead to a number of issues, including high water bills and severe plumbing problems. Learn why your double-handled bathroom sink faucets leak and what you can do about them below.

Deteriorated Sink Cartridges

Double-handled sink faucets contain several unique parts, including cartridges. Sink cartridges are tiny plastic apparatuses that sit deep inside the faucet handles. Cartridges do a number of things, including:

  • separate the hot water from cold water in your faucets
  • direct water flow through your faucets
  • control water pressure inside your faucets 

When cartridges crack or degrade, they can cause water to leak out of the base of the faucet. The tiny rings and inlet valves inside the cartridges can also degrade and cause leaks in your faucets. If you replace one or both cartridges in your two-handle sink, you may be able to stop the leak.

If you replaced the cartridges in your sink and still experience leaks, consult a plumber immediately. The leaks in your double-handled sink could be due to something else besides deteriorated cartridges.

Increased Water Pressure and Loose Fittings

In order to find the cause of your leaking sink, a plumber will need to check the water pressure in your hot and cold water lines. If the pressure inside one or both water lines increases, it can cause water to leak out of your faucets. A plumber can adjust the water pressure regulator in your plumbing system to solve this issue.

If you still experience leaks in your two-handled faucet, a plumber will inspect the fittings under your sink for damage. Fittings connect the pipes under your sink to the fixtures in your faucets. If the fittings become detached from the pipes or fixtures, they can cause extra water to filter inside your faucets. The extra water will gradually seep out the base of the faucets or their spouts. A plumber can tighten or replace the fittings for you. 

A plumbing contractor may discover a number of other issues in your bathroom sink or bathroom that may affect your faucets. These problems may include broken or cracked water lines and clogged or rusted plumbing lines. If a contractor notes any of the issues mentioned previously, they'll take action to fix them.

Learn more about your leaking double-handled bathroom sink faucets and how to repair them by contact a company that offers plumbing services.