There is a lot you should know about your home's plumbing. However, most people don't give much thought to the plumbing in their homes until they are faced with some type of plumbing problem. Whether you just want to stay proactive or you have found yourself wondering what's going on with your plumbing, some of the information here may be helpful. 

Why should you turn the water off at the main when you are going on a trip?

If everyone in your household is going to be gone on a trip, then it is a good idea to shut the water off for your whole house by turning it off at the main. Shutting the water off is a proactive action that can help you prevent a horrible flooding emergency from happening, because if a pipe were to burst while you were gone for days or longer, then water would be pouring into your home nonstop until that moment when you come home and find your home in horrible shape. 

Why are freezing pipes considered a plumbing emergency?

Freezing pipes are a real plumbing emergency because when water freezes in the pipes, it will expand, and this can cause the pipe to burst, and this will lead to water gushing into your home. This is why you should have outside exposed pipes insulated. If you turn on a faucet and nothing comes out when it's below freezing, turn the water off at the main and call a plumber out immediately and let them know what's going on so they realize it's an emergency. 

Why should a higher water bill be taken seriously?

If you have done something like fill up your pool from empty, then this can account for a significantly larger water bill. However, If you haven't really done anything differently and all of a sudden your water bill is showing a noticeably larger amount of usage, then this can indicate you have a good-sized leak. Something like a constantly running toilet can raise your water bill. However not all leaks and plumbing issues are inside the house, and if you have one outside, then it may be in a place where you don't immediately notice a puddle. Have your plumbing system checked to rule out a busted pipe in this situation. You want to find the issue as quickly as possible and have it repaired for the good of your plumbing and your pocketbook.

If you notice any problems with your plumbing service, reach out to a plumber for plumbing assistance.