Septic tanks aren't a big hassle for homeowners, but they do require a little extra care versus using plumbing that leads directly to a sewer system. If you're moving into a house that has a septic tank, one of the first things you should consider doing is having your tank pumped. Here's why.

It Might Not Already Be Pumped

While many homeowners will have their septic tank pumped before attempting to sell their house, that's not necessarily true of everyone. As a result, you may have just moved into a house that has a mostly-full septic tank that requires care. Continuing to use this tank without having it pumped could result in overflows or damage to the drainage system, which is something you should avoid as it would cost a lot to repair the damage.

Sludge Can Damage the System

When septic tanks are pumped, the fluid and scum on top are drained away, leaving built-up sludge in the bottom of the tank. Until the tank is pumped, there's no telling how much sludge is actually in a tank. This sludge is important to the overall health of the tank.

If the sludge builds up to a certain level, it can start to drain out through the drainage system, critically damaging it. But by having your tank pumped first and foremost, you can simply ask the employee doing the pumping if it looks like the tank needs to be completely cleaned soon. If it already looks pretty bad, they can likely do both services for you on the spot.

Add an Examination

Pumping your septic tank also allows an opportunity for it to be examined. By having the employee examine your tank after it's been pumped, you can be alerted to any damage or problems with the tank that could be an issue for you in the future. With these issues in mind, you can have them fixed now or set up an appointment in the future for it to be taken care of before it becomes a big mess.

Septic tank pumping is one step to keeping a septic tank working normally. The good news is that once your tank is pumped, providing that the sludge level isn't too high, you won't need it to be pumped again for quite some time. The tank will take care of itself by draining excess fluid through the drainage system while keeping the sludge contained in the tank. By starting your new home life with a septic tank pumping, you likely won't need to worry about this step again for a couple of years.

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