If you have to arrange for portable toilet rentals for an event, you have likely found that it's not that easy to choose which ones to get because there are more styles and options than you realized. One of the big options involves the sink; you can get portable toilets with built-in sinks or get separate units. Both have some specific advantages and disadvantages, and you need to consider a few things as you make your choice.


If you get separate units, you'll need more space, both for the units themselves and for the lines of people waiting to use them. If the event will be held in an area with a lot of open space, this isn't a problem at all. If you have to work with a confined space, though, getting combination units may be better.

Sanitary Matters

A drawback to having separate units is that there's less incentive for people who use the portable toilets to wash their hands afterward. While there's no guarantee that people using combination units will wash their hands either, having the sink right there makes it easier for people to complete the task. There are people who, out of sheer laziness, will wash their hands if they can do so immediately but won't wash their hands if they have to walk to another station. If you suspect the people at the event are going to be on the "lazy" side, a combination unit may be better.

Waiting Times

However, an area where separate units win out is in waiting times. Because people have to go to another station to wash their hands, the lines for the toilets will be shorter. This can be a great relief if you're dealing with a crowded event where there are food and drinks. Plus, if someone just needs to wash his or her hands for other reasons and not because they used the toilet, they don't have to take up space in the toilet to begin with.


Separate units mean separate breakdowns. In other words, if the sink in a combo unit stops working, then that toilet is really out of commission, too, because it's going to be harder to convince people to go stand in line for another toilet to use the sink in there. With a separate sink, if that sink stops working, you don't lose a toilet and you have other sinks that people can use.

If you want to see more styles or would like to know about compromise options like getting combination toilet/sink units and then some extra standalone sinks, talk to porta potty rental companies that offer portable sanitation. They can help you find the best combinations and best deals.