When you are planning your new kitchen or considering a remodel, you have to face a vital question: should you have a garbage disposal? Although they can be convenient, going without one has a number of benefits. You can avoid expensive repairs and help the environment by doing without a garbage disposal.

Environmental Problems

Whenever you use the garbage disposal, you are using a lot of water to help it grind up potato and orange peels. Experts estimate that you are using about 900 gallons a year when you use a garbage disposal. That's water that is being wasted to provide you with a minor convenience.

Instead of grinding up your waste food items, you can use them for composting instead. Once they go down the drain, they have no practical use. Even if your food waste ends up in the landfill, you are at least keeping it out of the water system. When this garbage goes down the drain, it causes expensive problems for municipalities by raising nitrogen levels and other nutrient levels that are bad for the drinking water. Addressing these increased levels costs you in tax dollars.

Plumbing Problems

Grinding up your food can also lead to frequent emergency plumbing calls. Celery, bones, and other tough fibers can easily wrap around the disposal blades, clogging the entire system. You may want a garbage disposal in order to keep stinky items out of your garbage. Unfortunately, many things you put down the system can create a smelly gunk. Fats and starchy foods are some of the worst offenders and very often the items you most want to dispose of in your system. If you have a septic tank, a garbage disposal is a particularly bad idea. The sludge build up can clog your system and cause septic tank failure. You may need a larger septic tank just because you choose to have a garbage disposal.  Basically, using the garbage disposal to get rid of the garbage often leads to clogs and repair expenses.

Many plumbers will tell you that removing or never adding a garbage disposal is your best choice. As much as they rely on your business, a good plumber does not like to see you harm your pipes or septic system. If you go without a disposal, you are being environmentally responsible. If you can't live without a disposal, consult your plumbing professional to make sure your system can handle the ground-up waste. Contact a company like Backlund Plumbing for more info.