Even though you use your toilet several times a day, you probably do not give much thought to the mechanics of it. Unfortunately, you are more likely to experience issues with your toilet, such as clogs, if you do not take good care of it. Taking some extra time to maintain your toilet will be worth it in the end. Here are five helpful tips for treating your toilet right:

Avoid Standing on Your Toilet

Do not ever treat your toilet like a ladder. If you regularly stand on your toilet when you are trying to reach something, it can lead to cracks.

Do not Ignore Toilet Leaks

If you notice your toilet leaking, you should contact a plumber right away. Ignoring this issue will just lead to more problems, such as mold and high water bills. If you let the leak go long enough, it can even result in property damage, including cracks in the walls and warped floors. All that damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair, so it is a lot easier and cheaper to fix the leak right away.

Stop Using Your Toilet as a Garbage Can

One of the easiest ways to avoid toilet clogs is to never use your toilet as a trash can. A toilet is only meant to hold human waste and toilet paper. If you try putting tampons, facial tissue and other items in your toilet, you are just asking for trouble.

Say No to Chemical Drain Cleaners

If your toilet does get clogged, you may think that a chemical drain cleaner will fix the issue. However, chemical drain cleaners are actually quite damaging to the pipes. If you can't take care of a clog with a plunger, contact a plumber right away.

Use a Toilet Brush With Plastic Bristles

When it comes time to clean your toilet, make sure to use a toilet brush that has plastic bristles. If you use one with metal bristles, it can scratch the toilet bowl, making it look old and damaged.

Taking good care of your toilet will take some extra time, but you will be glad you put in the effort. If you follow these helpful tips, you can extend the life of your toilet and have fewer plumbing costs in the future. However, if you still encounter an issue with your toilet, you should not wait to contact an experienced plumber. Visit a site like http://terryrossplumbing.com/ for more information on plumbing.