Heating units are expensive, plain and simple. When something does go wrong, the longer you leave it alone and don't fix it, the worse and more expensive to repair it tends to get. That's why it is so very important to properly maintain your heating unit and to take notice of and fix problems as soon as they develop. Of course, you can't fix issues if you don't know they exist, so familiarize yourself with the common signs of a faulty heating system and alert your HVAC specialist the moment you notice something is wrong.

Dust and Dryness

If you've noticed that your home has become extra dusty and dry as of late, it could be that your heating system is to blame. People often don't think to pinpoint their heating unit when they run into this problem, but a stuffy house is often caused by a clogged up, dirty, and poorly operating heating system. If the air going into the system is not being properly filtered and cared for, it is going to come out dirty and lead to a dusty home and poor air quality.

The good news is that if you fix the issue early on it can usually be fixed with some basic maintenance, such as a thorough cleaning or a filter change - which any professional can easily handle for you. Don't delay, though, or you could permanently damage your system.

Strange Sounds

Every heating system is going to make a few sounds here and there. In fact, it's totally normal to hear a "whirring" sound when your unit powers on and off.

If, however, you notice that the sounds start up more frequently or that they change in some way, there's a good chance something is wrong. It could be that your system is turning off and on too frequently, which can cost you big money in unnecessary heating costs, or that there's some kind of internal problem. It's generally the latter if you're hearing bangs and thumps.

In any case, to be on the safe side, anytime you notice strange sounds, call a pro to come take a look.

Reduced Capacity

Finally, one of the biggest signs to look out for is if you notice a change in the quality of your heating. Don't blame constant coldness or certain rooms that stay chilly on the cold outside. It could be a poorly functioning heater that's to blame.

Even if it's not, the only way you're going to know for sure, as is the case with all these problems, is to get your heating unit looked at, so find a good HVAC professional, like Aumenta Plumbing & Heating Co. to help you out regularly and that you can call on in the event that you notice any of these signs.