Do you have any concerns about the quality of the drinking water in your home? If so, one of the best solutions to the problem is use a home water filter. Many different types of water filters are available, with one of the most efficient choices being an ultraviolet light, or UV, water filter. This article examines some of the key aspects of this type of water purification equipment. 

What It Is 

UV light is a particular type of light that is not visible to the naked eye. UV light is also a powerful form of energy that can cause sunburns on your skin. It can also prevent viruses, bacteria and other potentially dangerous organisms from reproducing. When one of these organisms is unable to replicate itself, it is essentially rendered harmless.  

How It Works 

The UV filter has a special lamp inside of a casing. The UV light acts upon the water as it passes through the filter on the way to your faucet. One important point to remember is that the filter only neutralizes organisms that are exposed directly to the light source, there is no residual effect. For this reason, the UV filter should be placed as close to the water's point of exit as possible. This helps to prevent any bad organisms from contaminating the water after the UV light has done its job. 

Using a Pre-filter 

Along with the UV filter itself, you will need to use another filter, or pre-filter, to ensure that all contaminants in the water have been removed. For instance, the UV filter cannot remove any dirt or debris has gotten into the water. Also, larger particles, such as those that more than 5 microns, can act as shields for the smaller organisms and prevent the UV filter from being totally effective. By using a pre-filter, you minimize the possibility of any impurities making it through the system. 

Why Use It 

The UV filter is a great system to use if you get your water from a well, rather than the local municipality. Even if you obtain your drinking water from the municipal water system, using a UV filter is a good decision. Harmful organisms can sometimes get into municipal systems from broken or damaged pipes. 

 Using a home water filtration equipment is an good way to improve the quality of your family's drinking water. If you are not comfortable installing it yourself, contact a plumber for assistance .