Choosing a bathtub during plumbing renovations can seem like a complicated task with all of the models and components available. One step that is often overlooked is choosing the best bathtub drain stopper for your needs. The right stopper can make your bathing and showering routines a more pleasant experience and help you with maintenance further down the line.

Levered bathtub drain stoppers are the most popular category but there are several different types each with pros and cons that will help you determine the best choice for your preferences. Here are a few of the items you can discuss with yoru plumbing contractor.

Pop-Up Stopper

A pop-up bathtub stopper looks like the type of stopper most commonly found in bathroom sinks. There's a stopper piece that moves up and down with the triggering of the lever that is located on the overflow plate.

The actual mechanisms for the stopper are all behind that overflow plate. When you push the lever down, a spring-loaded arm within the overflow is triggered and moves the pop-up stopper down. The opposite happens when you push the lever up.

Advantages included ease of use and the familiarity of the style. The stopper does have a more complicated installation process that you might want to leave to a plumber, such as T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing Repair, but the process is still easier than the trip stopper.

Trip Stopper

A trip stopper is a bit different than most drain stoppers in that there isn't a plunger mechanism inside the bathing area that moves up and down. Instead, activating the lever on the overflow plate moves a plunger that is also inside the overflow, which plugs the bottom of the grate that is in the bottom of your tub. The grate serves to keep larger items from accidentally going down the drain when you release the lever.

Trip stoppers are easy to use and you don't have to worry about accidentally pushing the stopper with your foot while in the tub or shower. It is vital to install a trip stopper correctly or else your tub will constantly drain. Ask your plumbing professional to install the stopper to make sure the setup is correct.

Some homeowners might not like the grate as hairs and soap scum can become stuck in the holes and require frequent cleaning.

Toggle Stopper

Toggle stoppers, also called flip-it stoppers, are operated with a lever that is on the top of the stopper itself. A toggle stopper is a good middle ground option between levered and lever-free bathtub drain stoppers.

A key advantage is that the stopper is extremely easy to both install and repair later. The unit comes with a watertight o-ring attached to its bottom. Pressing the unit into your drain hole and screwing the base into place completes the installation. Simple unscrew and pull to remove.

The disadvantage is that it is easy to accidentally trigger the lever with your foot while showering or bathing. The protruding lever can also cause a bit of pain if you accidentally step on it in the shower.