You can learn a lot about the condition of your plumbing by listening to what it is telling you. Each sound it makes can tell you whether everything is working correctly, or whether you may have issues that need to be dealt with. This article will cover the normal sounds your bathroom plumbing makes and the sounds that indicate there is a problem.

You hear water swooshing through the pipes.

When you have water running through the pipes to the toilet, bath or sink, it will make a swooshing sound. This is absolutely normal, and you may notice you hear it all through your house where there are pipes feeding sinks and other water sources.

You hear a faint drip.

If you hear a drip in your bathroom and you see it's not coming from one of the faucets, you need to investigate further. A dripping sound usually indicates that water is coming from somewhere it shouldn't be and hitting on objects, such as the floor, the bottom of a cabinet or another object that's beneath the leaky pipe. Usually, you will find that the drip is coming from under the bathroom sink.

If you locate a drip under the sink, you want to turn the water to the sink off and put a bucket or bowl under the pipes. Remove the pipe with the leak and check it for cracks. If it is cracked, you need to replace it. If there are no cracks, it is leaking from the connection. Before you put the pipe back in place, you need to wrap plumber's tape around both ends. Put it back in place and make sure you tighten the connections securely.

You hear water running from the toilet.

If you flush your toilet, the water will make a running sound until the tank is filled. However, the sound should go away after this point. If it continues, then it means the toilet is not filling properly, and this can waste a lot of water.

You'll want to adjust the float in the tank to correct the issue. To do this, remove the tank lid and set it aside. Adjust the float (the canister looking thing on the rod) by inching the clip and sliding the float up or down the rod until the water stops at the appropriate level.

If you hear any other new noises that you aren't able to figure out, then you want to have a plumber like Rapid Rooter Of Central Oregon come out to investigate. Ignoring plumbing problems can lead to serious repairs.