Unfortunately, when you need water most is usually when the tap at your sink will run dry. This means that you likely have a problem at your well, which does not always mean that the well is completely dry. It can be one of many components of your well system, such as the casing, pump or mechanicals like plumbing and electricity. When your tap goes dry, here are some of the things that you will want to check:

1. Loss Of Pressure And Pump Problems

Pressure loss can be frustrating and cause water to not reach some of the faucets in your home. This is something that can happen after a power outage or when repairs are done to a storage tank or pump. It can be that there is little water, or it may be that the pump needs to be primed. This is getting the water from the source where it will then be pumped to your home.

2. Checking The Electrical Wiring Of Pumps

Electrical wiring for your well pump can also get worn over time. This can cause many problems with your plumbing. Faulty wiring can cause the pump to short or lose power and not give you efficient water pressure. If you have old wiring, it may be time to have it replaced to ensure that your pump is working properly.

3. Problems With Collapsed Or Clogged Casing

With old wells, collapsing and clogging of casing can cause some of the water problems. This can reduce the amount of available water in your well. If the problem is debris clogging your well, it can be flushed out to fix the problem. If the casing is collapsed, you will need to have the well drilled again and new casing installed in your well.

4. Mechanical Problems Like Wiring And Plumbing From The Well

Another problem that can cause you to not have water at the tap is the mechanicals that go from your well to your home. This can be things like electrical wiring that may be buried in the ground. It is often problems with the plumbing from the well, which can be damaged pipes that need to be repaired to solve the problem.

Sometimes, the problem that is causing you to not get water at the tap can be easily fixed. This is not always the case though, and for some problems you may need to contact a water well contractor to get help getting water to your home again. If the problem is a leak, you can contact plumbers and have them provide you with leak detection to locate the source of the problem.