If you have a rural home, you may have a need to have different sources for water. Using only a wellmay not give you all the water you need. Sometimes, wells can run dry, which is why you may want to have other sources of water like rain collection, using water from streams or a irrigation basin. This can give you the water you need for many different things, and water for your home with a filtration system.

Here are some of the things that you can do to have more water resources for your rural home:

1. Rainwater Collection For Clean Water

Rainwater is a great resource for clean water for rural homes. You can collect rain and store it in tanks to use for many different things in your home. With filtration and purification systems, this water can also be used for domestic purposes and potable water.  If you want to have these systems out of sight, you can even have the storage tanks buried by a septic system contractor just like the tank for your septic system, but in a different location of course.

2. Grey Water Systems For Irrigation And Outdoor Chores

Grey water is another resource for water in your home. This is all the water that comes from anything but the toilets. It is clean water from things like appliances, which can be used for outdoor chore like watering the vegetable garden. The grey water can be diverted from your plumbing and stored in a separate septic storage tank to be used for outdoor chores. You may want to have a pre-filtration system installed to clean the water before it goes into the storage tank.

3. Irrigation Ponds For Water Storage For Irrigation And Other Uses

If you have a large property, an irrigation pond can be another great water resource. An irrigation pond can collect all the water runoff from your property to be used for things like water gardens or fields. If you want the water to be cleaner for other uses, you may want to consider adding a natural filtration area and pumps. This will filter water and keep it clean to use for many different things, but it will need to be sanitized for any potable water usage.

4. Using Ram Pumps To Get Water From Streams And Creeks 

Pumps can help to get water from streams and creeks to your home if you have them on your property. If you want to have an energy efficient way to get this water, ram pumps are a great solution to get water from any water source where there is a current. They will not work in ponds or lakes unless you have a spillway to create a current to operate the pump.

These are some of the things that you can do to improve the water resources for your home. If you need help with the installation of some of these systems, contact a septic contractor like AAA Septic Tank Service.  to get started installing some of these water solutions for your home.