When remodeling a small bathroom, you often look at what you can remove from the room. You can take out a shower, or horizontally stretching cabinets to create more room. But you can't take out the toilet. Fortunately, there are a few space-saving toilet options that can save on floor space, tuck away unsightly plumbing, and give you more room for other design elements.

Wall-Hung Toilet

A wall-hung toilet has a tank system that is installed in your wall with a flush button on the outside of that system. The toilet bowl with lid is then mounted to the wall at a comfortable height. There isn't a pedestal underneath to take up room and the bowl doesn't stick out as far as traditional models.

Wall-hung toilets are well suited for bathrooms with modern or classic European design schemes. The lack of showing tank means you can get creative with the wall décor above the toilet. For example, use a stencil to paint a tile-like accent wall that draws more attention to your unusual toilet.

The main downside of the wall-hung toilet is the cost. The toilet assembly itself is expensive, and then you might need to purchase the tank system and flush button separately.

Low-Profile Tank Toilets

If you can't afford to splurge on a wall-hung toilet, there are still other stylish options. A toilet with a low-profile tank can open up more room on the above wall for storage shelves or cabinets. Low-profile here simply means that the tank is short and squat rather than tall and narrow.

The low-profile tank often curves inwards to lead to the round toilet seat. Round toilet seats take up less room than oval and better match the lines of a low-profile tank. The downside of this design is that the tank will likely be wider than a traditional tank, so if you need more room on each side of your toilet, this might not be the best match.

Corner Toilet

As the name suggests, a corner toilet can fit into the corner of your room to save precious wall space for other uses. The toilet setup works via a triangular toilet tank that can mount flush to the corner. As with the low-profile tank, a round toilet seat works better here as it doesn't stick out as far.

You can further boost the space-saving capabilities of a corner toilet by installing corner mount shelves above the tank. The shelves will be somewhat small but still the perfect size for storing extra washcloths, bars of soap or makeup and beauty items.

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