Before you call on an HVAC technician for air conditioner repairs, you might want to try a few things yourself to get things up and running again. The following are six things you can try the next time you're having air conditioner problems:

Check for a tripped breaker

If your air conditioner unit isn't coming on at all, you could have a tripped beaker. Tripped breakers may be a frequent problem in homes where several different appliances and electrical fixtures are on the same breaker. 

To fix a tripped breaker, you need to find your home's electrical service panel. Check to see if one of your breakers is fully switched or partially switched to the off position. You can reset the breaker by turning the lever fully to the off position before switching it back on. 

Change your AC filter

A dirty AC filter could cause your air conditioner to operate less efficiently. It's especially important to check your filter when you notice that your air conditioner is not as effective as usual because a clogged filter could lead to more severe malfunctions in the system. Routinely checking to see if your filter is clogged with dirt and debris is a good idea.

Melt built-up ice

Sometimes, ice can build up on an AC unit and detract from the unit's efficiency. You can melt ice by turning the system off and running the fan until the ice has melted. 

Inspect your thermostat

If you notice that your thermostat is no longer accurately controlling your home's temperature, you might simply need to replace the batteries. Before changing the batteries, make sure that you've got the thermostat set below room temperature and that your unit is not set to only run the fan. 

Clean your unit

A dirty AC unit will not run as efficiently as it should and may appear to be malfunctioning. You can clean off fan blades and clean any debris out of the inside of your unit to try and repair a faltering air conditioning system. You should also clean off the condenser fins. Take care when cleaning blades and fins to avoid breaking or warping these delicate components of your AC unit. 

Have a look at your ducts

If you don't mind venturing up into your attic, you can check to see if air is flowing properly through your ducts. Air should be coming out of your ducts if your air conditioner is running. Over time, air flow can be blocked by debris. In this case, a thorough duct cleaning may be in order.