If you have a spot of land where you frequently camp or are building a new house, having a Porta Potty can make a huge difference in your comfort level where you don't have bathroom facilities. However, if you think you will have a need for a Porta Potty for a while, you may want to consider buying one outright versus renting one in order to save money. If you plan on purchasing your own portable toilet, here is what you need to know.

The Waste

You will be using chemicals in your portable toilet to help break down the waste. However, eventually you will need to empty the reservoirs and clean them. You can usually hire a waste sanitation company like B & B Drain Tech Inc to empty your Porta Potty with a vacuum disposal system. In some cases they will also wash down your toilet with a disinfecting and cleaning solution.  Be sure to place your portable toilet in an easily accessible area for the disposal crew.

If you will be cleaning your portable toilet yourself, be sure to stock up on the right cleaners and chemicals appropriate for Porta Potty cleaning, as in many cases it can be less expensive to buy these items in bulk.

Additionally, if you intend to use your unit in winter, get an eco-friendly anti-freeze specifically for these types of toilets. This product will prevent the liquids from freezing and keep the reservoir from possibly busting or cracking.

 The Wind

A portable toilet will need to be anchored down to help prevent high winds from knocking it down. Although these toilet systems are weighty enough to be stable in good weather, it won't take much wind to blow them over. Use ropes over and across the tops and sides of the unit and fasten the ropes into the ground with metal pins and you can prevent this issue altogether.

 In some cases, the portable toilet may come with custom skids and stakes with which to anchor the unit.

The Local Laws

Be sure to check into all of your local laws regarding private or even public toilets. Additionally, if you will be using your land as a job site, you may be required to have more than just one Porta Potty, depending on the size of the job and the number of workers that will be on the site. Always double check the local governmental regulations before you buy your unit.

Keep these simple tips in mind and you can avoid some of the common pitfalls associated with owning your own private portable toilet.