If you work as a plumber, you know the importance in making a good impression with your customers. If you want repeat business you need to be courteous, organized, and able to get the job done correctly. Organizing your vehicle is one way to ensure you get the job done right without wasting excess time searching for hidden parts or tools. Here are some tips you can use to help keep your plumbing truck organized and tidy to help you on the job.

Figuring Out Amounts

In order to decide how many of each item you will need to keep stocked in your truck, use invoices from the past year to figure out what items were needed the most and how often they needed to be used each week for the jobs that were done. This can help you decide which parts you will need to keep in stock on your truck at all times.

Items that were not needed as often can be housed at the office or in a warehouse to be retrieved when needed. Having items used frequently on-hand will save you the trouble of having to drive to pick up parts. This will be an added bonus for the customer as they will be able to have their repair done quicker.

Installing Shelves

Use shelving units inside your truck to help keep your items off of floors or in plastic bins that are strewn around your vehicle. Place brackets on the walls of each side of your trucks interior and have shelves that can be moved up and down depending on the sizes of items you will be holding upon them. Place piping and large items on the lower shelves so they do not accidentally fall on top of other items if you need to stop your vehicle abruptly.

Adding Some Bins

Plastic storage bins can be bought in a variety of sizes to hold smaller pieces. These can be glued to the shelves so they do not scatter while you are driving. Make sure there are lids on top of the bins or that they have a deep enough area to place items so they do not flop onto the floor unnecessarily. Stick a label on each bin so you will know what the contents are without having to open it. Include the part number, name of the item and perhaps a small photo. This will be helpful if you have an apprentice help you restock your shelving every week. 

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