According to scientific data, some 85 percent of water in the United States is hard. Hard water refers to water that contains traces of minerals and elements, such as magnesium, which alter the composition of the water. While the vast majority of people deal with hard water, there are some drawbacks that you need to know about. Perhaps understanding these negative aspects of hard water will push you toward fixing the problem by purchasing a water softener system for your home. Consider this information and touch base with a licensed and insured plumber to help you, should you require further assistance. 

#1: Hard Water Makes Showering And Washing Dishes More Difficult

When you have hard water, it is more difficult to develop the type of lather that you need. The result is that you might find it more difficult to properly wash your dishes and bathe when in the shower. You might find that you are developing streaks of soap along your body with hard water, whereas showering with soft water makes it much easier to get in and get out, cleaning yourself at the highest levels of efficiency. 

 #2: Hard Water Contributes To Hair Loss

If you have hard water and are beginning to realize that your hair is falling out or becoming thinner, there is good reason for it. The reason is that the minerals found in hard water are not healthy for your scalp, which thus causes the bond between your hair and scalp to weaken. These minerals starve your scalp of the nutrients that it needs, so you may find your hair becoming more dry, brittle and weak. In addition to using a water softener, you can use a different shampoo, along with rinsing your hair with a solution of vinegar and lemon juice. 

#3: Hard Water Makes Your Home Less Energy Efficient

A study shows that even trace amounts of minerals in your water can increase your utility system's consumption of energy by 11 percent. You will quickly notice an uptick in your energy bills when this happens. Because of this, hard water becomes both a financial and a conservation issue, which can be avoided by rectifying the issue. The utilities are the lifeblood of your home, so you should deal with adverse energy consumption with vigilance. 

Consider these three negative aspects of hard water, so that you can get in touch with a plumber like Optimum Plumbing LLC to learn about your water softener options.